The Certified Aesthetic Consultant™ (CAC) program is a comprehensive, educational curriculum and testing process created by THE Aesthetic Practice Association™ (TAPA) to document staff competence in areas critical to aesthetic practice growth. In a survey of more than 2,000 TAPA members, 400 respondents identified the need for increased staff training as a critical challenge.

They also noted (by a five to one margin) that they would be more inclined to hire an individual with a CAC certification over a candidate without such credentials. Furthermore, the majority of responding physicians indicated a willingness to increase compensation for employees who have completed the CAC program.

What is Required?

In order to obtain the CAC certification, participants are required to complete a series of either online or in-person educational courses, as well as pass an exam. The exam will be available online. Attendees of THE Aesthetic Show™ will also have an opportunity to complete the exam on site. In order to receive certification, one must complete the online course work, approved manufacturer courses, approved manufacturer workshops and approved webinars.

Once you enroll in the CAC program, you will be sent a user ID and password to access the learning management system (LMS). The LMS will track your progress toward obtaining your certification as well as store the results of each assessment you complete following each course. These assessments serve as preparation for the final certification exam.


The Certified Aesthetic Consultant (CAC) online curriculum is divided into several content areas, with each module ranging in length from 10 to 20 minutes, ideally completed in one or two sessions.  The online registration system will keep track of the courses you have completed.  Courses include areas on marketing, business plan development, patient type skills and revenue growth.

Who is Eligible?

All aesthetic personnel are eligible, including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, aestheticians, medical assistants and technicians, as well as front and back office staff.

What is the Fee Structure?

The cost for certification is based on the number of individuals certified at once.  Single individuals, small groups (two to five individuals) and entire practice course pricing is available through The Best Medical Business Solutions.  Each exam fee is $150 per individual.

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