Track your marketing campaigns with custom phone numbers!


The Best Management Business Solutions and The Best Medical Business Solutions is proud to work with to help you track your ROI (return on investment).  After all, spending money on your medical practice’s marketing efforts doesn’t do a thing if you aren’t properly able to measure what’s working.

Why should you use customer phone numbers for your campaigns, and what makes this software different?

They allow you to:

  • Know which ad campaign led to which call
  • View which keyword(s) the caller used to find your website
  • See the PPC ad(s) they clicked on
  • Listen to recorded calls to train your staff
  • View caller history and listen to previous calls
  • Tag calls for follow up
  • Receive email notifications of calls
  • Track sales conversion information for each call
  • Track performance by agent
  • Sync information with Google Analytics, Adwords, Salesforce and more!
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