One of the most common questions Jay and I get is this: How did The Best Medical Business Solutions get started?

Most importantly, The Best Medical Business Solutions is a family-owned and operated consulting company.

Jay spent decades in corporate America before “retiring” to work for his wife, Dr. Janee D. Steinberg, a board-certified dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon in South Florida.  He served as the practice adminstrator and vice president of operations for nearly a decade, bringing the single-office operation to its multi-office, multi-million dollar peak in 2011.  Over the years he began attending industry conferences, and soon realized the industry lacked a strong practice management component.  His attendance turned into a presence on the lecture circuit, and that presence led to a side business in the practice management consulting world.

Fast forward to Thanksgiving week of 2011, when Dr. Steinberg was diagnosed with cancer.  In Stage 4.

What happened with the medical practice is an entirely separate story, which Jay has penned in four parts through Surge Magazine here, here, and here, with the fourth installation due out this spring.  While Jay turned his attention towards his first priority of working to save his wife’s life, I, Mara, stepped in to move The Best Medical Business Solutions forward.

In case you have not gathered by now, we’re a father-daughter team.  I had recently founded my own marketing firm and worked hard to set up The Best Medical Business Solutions for the future, for a time when we were both ready to give this business our all.  My stepmother’s health was our first priority, and we’ve both agreed that, knowing the outcome, we wouldn’t have changed one single thing about our actions in 2012.

This June 11, it will have been a year since we lost my stepmother.  Although we miss her each and every day, The Best Medical Business Solutions turned from a small side project into a growing business that continues to amaze us.  Jay’s passion for assisting medical practices has turned into full-time careers we both love.

Combining our two backgrounds brings a unique blend of strengths to the table, both when we work with press, write for industry publications, speak at industry conferences and when we work with our clients.

We give this business our all, and know that you’ll see just that.


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