Mystery Caller Packages.  

Because your receptionist (a.k.a. your Director of First Impressions!) is probably killing your practice.

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We’re going to guess you can’t confidently answer if your receptionist is:

  • Smiling when answering the phones.
  • Calling patients and clients back.
  • Giving truthful, insightful answers about the questions.
  • Credentialing the business or medical practice.
  • … or ruining your marketing efforts?!


You spend thousands of dollars on your marketing; it’s wasted if your phone calls don’t lead to appointments, clients, patients or consults!

We offer a straightforward Mystery Caller package available for you.  Each month will include:

  • 3 practice mystery calls about the procedure of their choices
  • Report on each call detailing missed opportunities and options for improvement in the future
  • 30 minutes of phone training skills for your desired staff, held remotely via your choice of conference call or Skype


Costs: $750 for a 3-month contract, $1,350 for a 6-month contract, or just $2,500 for a 12-month contract.

Ready to work together? We’re happy to offer a free, one-hour consult just so you can make sure we’re a fit.  E-mail us at to schedule a time that works for you.  With clients across the United States, we’re available to you at your convenience, and understand your meeting availability may occur outside of the 9-5 hours.