Completely customizable consulting services enhance your image and increase your practice’s bottom line profit. The Best Medical Business Solutions works with you and your current providers to bring your practice to the next level, enhancing and fine-tuning the following elements and issues:

Site Visits and Virtual Consulting:

We understand that every practice’s needs are different.  Some clients prefer that we visit their location for one to three days at a time, examine every facet of their cosmetic or aesthetic medical practice.  We’ll meet with your staff, uncover issues you may not have been aware of, help you come up with a plan to resolve those things you KNOW are a problem, and evaluate daily operations and the processes you have in place.  What’s work?  What’s not?  How can you make things better?  We’ll talk about it all, including working meals with the practice’s leadership team.  At the end of the site visit, we pull together a complete diagnostic report of our findings, presented to our client.  Together, we will then come up with a course of action.

Other practices need a coach, either for the leadership team or the staff.  We have clients across the country who want us available virtually to know they can email, call, FaceTime, Skype or smoke signal us for guidance on any issues they come across in their day.  (If we’re being honest, we find that smoke signals are sometimes hard to read on a windy day, so we don’t recommend that option.)  From hiring to firing, phone and reception issues to negotiations and research, we’re always available when you need us virtually.

Operational and Financial:

Our main focus and goal is to enhance overall profitability through various integrated solutions that are conventional, unconventional and cutting edge. We work to free up valuable physician time and reduce your hours spent away from performing patient services.


Fine-tuning processes can add up to incredible savings in both time AND money. Small changes bring large results.

Human Resources:

We assist in the search and placement of positions at all levels of staffing, in addition to fine-tuning the habits of your current team members. Whether the solution is an initial onsite visit or the later ability to call and discuss your issues directly with our team, we bring decades of time in leadership and practice administrator positions to the table when solving your dilemmas.

Vendor Relationships and Contract Negotiations:

It is an ongoing goal of The Best Medical Business Solutions to offer exclusive access and pricing to cutting edge technology, products and services in an effort to assist in growing your practice. As a true physician advocate, our only goal and objective is to negotiate the best deal possible for you. With the corroborative effort of many of our vendors, we have been able to secure discounts, rebates and admission to many purchasing groups due to our level of volume purchasing. These discounts alone have provided substantial savings to many medical practices across the country. If we can’t beat your current pricing, there is no charge.

E-newsletter Construction:

We recognize that sometimes, there are items that simply fall to the wayside in the growth of your medical practice.  Through conversations with most small medical practices and physicians, we know sending e-newsletters is one of them.  Let our marketing experience act as a second arm to your business in the construction of e-newsletters branded to your business.  Your image.  Your patients.  Our expertise.

Writing and editing copy:

Your written word speaks volumes about who you are as a medical brand.  Looking for copywriting assistance for your website, e-newsletter, brochures, one-sheets or other marketing materials for your medical brand?  Looking for a second set of eyes to make sure your work isn’t filled with typos?  The Best Medical Business Solutions is happy to help.  Know your marketing material will be written by a former medical practice manager, knowledgable in medical terminology.

The final decisions are yours, and our relationships are always confidential.

The Best Medical Business Solutions offers a wide array of guaranteed consulting services geared specifically to your medical practice’s identifiable and particular needs, giving you the most effective options for your particular practice. The final decisions are yours, and our relationships are always confidential.

We let you do what you do best: Practice Medicine.

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