Jay A. Shorr & Mara Shorr

The Best Medical Business Solutions is thrilled to work with a number of cutting-edge conferences, and we hope to count YOU among that list!

Our growing list of speaking topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • How To Select New Equipment
  • Why Your Practice Needs to Up Its Retail Game
  • Who/What/Where/When/Why and How of a Mystery Shopper
  • Marketing to Men
  • Adding Cash Services to a Typically Insurance-Based Practice
  • 10 Ways Staff Can Credential The Doctor
  • When Is It Time To Hire Another Practitioner?
  • What To Include In Your Practice’s Business Plan?
  • 10 Things To Ask Before Hiring a Consultant or Contractor
  • 8 Tips On Creating A Winning E-Newsletter
  • Advertising vs. Invertising: Managing & Marketing Your Practice in Today’s Economy
  • The Benefits of Proper Employee Selection
  • Invertising vs. Advertising: Marketing to Your Core Audience
  • Lead Generation and the Conversion Cascade – Do You Really Know Your Ratios?
  • Safety Health Security Fraud & Embezzlement in Your Medical Practice
  • Preparing For The Unexpected In Your Medical Practice
  • Obtaining Hospital Privileges & Insurance Credentialing
  • Motivational Management Principles
  • Employee Theft in Your Office
  • Dealing with a Difficult Patient in Your Workplace
  • Top 6 Negotiating Tips Every Medical Practice Should Know
  • Improve the Bottom Line for your practice: Revenue and Cost Containment
  • Employee Engagement & Performance Reviews
  • Productivity and Employee Incentives
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Identify Audit Risk Areas in Your Practice, Compliance Measures to Reduce Impact of Audit 

A member of our team is happy to coordinate a presentation for your conference or organization.  Contact us at info@thebestmbs.com for more information.