Through the Best Medical Business Solutions, you will receive excellent cost-saving opportunities on a range of items, including email and text message reminder systems.


Our affiliation is with Solutionreach, software that will help your practice remind patients about their appointments, show patient reviews and surveys, manage your reputation, reactivate past-due patients… and more!

Solutionreach is an all-inclusive patient engagement platform, full of solutions that are designed to fill the holes that often occur along the care delivery stream. The software makes it easy to maintain a truly patient-centric practice, automatically ensuring that no patient gets overlooked when it comes to consistent, personalized outreach.

From automated appointment reminders to tools for patient education, the benefits are significant for your practice AND your patients. Every single tool and service we have is always included. Plus, your price never goes up.

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Find out more about Solutionreach’s email and text message reminder software… AND GET A $10 STARBUCKS GIFT CARD JUST FOR TAKING A PEEK AT THE SOFTWARE.   
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