Selecting the proper employee can make or break your medical practice, no matter what your specialty.

So much so that Jay Shorr wrote a piece on the entire recruitment process for MedEsthetics magazine, due out within the next few issues.  Of course, we’re happy to let you know when it’s published.  In the meantime, we wanted to write a post on an isolated part of the process: what to consider when hiring a new employee.

Whether that person be an aesthetician, medical assistant, nurse or receptionist, all members of your practice are incredibly important: they represent you, your brand and the manner in which you are perceived by your patients and the public as a whole.  A rude receptionist sets the tone for the entire visit… should a patient choose to book that appointment after a less-than-lovely phone interaction.  From poor bedside manner to employee theft and clerical errors in your practice management software, curb the issues before they arise with a few of these simple selection tips:

  • Once you post the position, carefully scrutinize the resumes as they begin to arrive.  Eliminate typos, illegible formats and other initial turnoffs.
  • Review the length of time the candidate spent with his/her previous employers.  Warning signs appear when you see a series of five-month employers, and you don’t want to add your name to that list.
  • Confirm past employer references and verify your prospect’s industry-related experience.
  • Review scheduling conflicts. If the possible new employee is unavailable during your peak hours, wish them well on their search and explain you’re not the office for them.

Remember, our founder and managing partner, Jay Shorr, deals with this issue often and helps our clients in the process of employee selection.  Contact us if you’re looking for assistance in selecting a new employee.

For more information, check out the following sources in which he was quoted:

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